George Hornowski: Professional Monster Hunter
Updated 10 months ago
Hi, I'm George, and I hunt monsters.
Take control of George, in his epic quest of fighting monsters, in this procedurally generated little world! Or as he calls it; the office.


This is our take on the Rogue like type of games. You, the dungeon, the monsters, no loot, no inventory, just the good old PERMADEATH MUHAHAHAHAHA! :D


We are TOD Games. We are two professional developers, that lack any sort of graphics skills. Can you tell? :) (NO, you can't because, our behinds were saved by the super talented people of the interwebs, that are kind enough to put up their amazing artwork for free! Credits at the end of the page!)


This is actually our very first game in Unity! So we thought, hey! we know almost nothing about Unity, we have little to no time working on this after our regular work, so it would be a great idea to enter a challenge! What could go wrong?!


Getting started

First thing first, we set out to learn as much as we can about Unity's new 2D tools. Our main source of knowledge, inspiration, and ideas to steal were Unity's very own list of tutorials: We have also learned a lot from Brackeys on YouTube:

First steps

Since we are devs by trade, it is only logical, to do everything we can from code! This meant, that we will rely heavily on Unity's APIs! Fortunately this was easier, than we first anticipated. The first order of business was to generate the levels:

Painting the (town red) wall with textures

Next up was the texturing. This was done by creating a Grid, and adding TileMaps and TimeMapRenders. The tiles themselves are plotted on the screen with the help of the RuleTile and WeightedRandomTile, which are part of the Unity 2d Extras package.

Meet George!

George is our main character. He was created by the super talented Warren Clark. Our horned hunter is made out of 80 tiles, that make up his hit, move, idle, hit and shoot animations, in four directions.
Animating all the movement of George was done in the Animator. But without the help of the Blend Tree feature, it would have not been possible.

Cameras, machine and action!

For the camera we have used, the awesome CineMachine camera, that allowed us, to not spend ages on smooth and fancy camera movement implementation, but set it up in hours!

You can call me AI!

Next up were the enemies! For this we have used a simple A* implementation.

U and I

Unity's UI system is really easy to master. How else could have I created a loading, a pause and a game over screen the same day as the deadline?!


This is it! It was a fun few weeks, despite the sleep deprivation, making this little game like thingy! Without Unity's new 2D tools it would have not been this easy!
Feel free to download the game and play it!!!


Big thanks to all the artists, that made this possible:
  • Warren Clark:
  • 0x72:
  • fliflifly:
  • bagzie:
  • poikilos:
  • masharcade:
  • and anyone we forgot!