Geology Teaching Tool
This tool allows geology teachers to upload 3D models of rocks to their web site. Then, they can click on features of the rock and label them. When a student logs in, he can rotate the rock and view the information in the labels. As the student rotates the rock and views its different features, the application generates a heat map. The heat map indicates how much time the student spent looking at each feature. A new heat map is generated each time the student views a rock. Later, the teacher can review the heat map and determine if the student spent enough time viewing each feature of the rock.
Mike Brascome
Game Developer - Programmer
Mike Brascome
5 months ago
Game Developer
The customer I built this for has his own 3d scanner. To be honest, I'm not sure what particular one he uses. He just sends me the models and I add them to the project.
Kevin Connors
8 months ago
Pretty cool idea! What's the best way to get 3D models of rocks? I know photogrammetry is used for 3D models of landscapes, but I'm not sure if it's appropriate for rocks.