Gentleman's Match
This is our game and it's not finished yet because we're still working on it (we're also still in school) but so far this is what we have and it's come a very long way since the beginning of our time together. As the game improves, I'll update the link in a paragraph so that the most recent build is available. My teammates are: Hai Bui, Taylor Fitzpatrick, James Hansard, Jeremy Lanman, and Chris Zapata.
UPDATE** As of 5/25/17, this is our newest build of our game.
Here is a link to download our game build as of 5/23. It is to be played on Windows (and clearly, also on Unity.) If you don't have Windows, I've found that the WineBottler/Wine program has worked very well in converting the files so that you may play it on a Mac as well.
Hayley Smith
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