Gene-related prototype
Published a month ago
In development
The prototype will be used in a scientific study in which participants will encounter several concrete examples of GxE. These vignettes will highlight the impact of genes on everyday situations, as well as on the long term effects of those genes. With this study, Dr. Persky aims to help people to better understand GxE and the impact on their lives.
Milford, Connecticut / Wetteren, Belgium: The National Human Genome Research Institute at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) chose PreviewLabs as a partner to develop a prototype for a VR experience regarding gene-environment interaction (GxE). Commissioned by Dr. Susan Persky’s Communication, Attitudes and Behavior Unit (CABU), the prototype will explore how the impact of genes on various aspects of life can be explained through the use of virtual reality (VR).
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Talia Goldin
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