Published a year ago
In development
-In the future corporations build Artificial Intelligence which evolve to enslave mankind. The AI determine that all humans must undergo genetic alteration to balance out chaotic forces deep within the DNA of mankind. However psychic beings called GeneDyne hold a special power to manipulate technology. The worldwide corporations run by the various Artificial Intelligence hunt down the GeneDyne and force them to fight each other for competition of resources inside of psychically controlled cyber armor called Jin.
The GeneDyne pilots feel that a mysterious force calls to then from another dimension. Regardless of how they feel towards the Corporation's AI that takes deeper and deeper control over their minds, the only way out is to prove their worth during the competitions and missions...Unknown to the AI is the degree to which the trauma cases them to grow stronger. The strengthening opens up the possibility of freeing themselves and mankind from the technology that enslaves them!
Terence Roland Daniels
Creative Director - Designer
Creative Director
Hey guys, working on a game solo,.doing coding, environments, animation, and level design. If you have any relevant experience be sure and drop me a link/line at Looking to partner with some programmers/artists on a seed round. Here is myURL I make cartoons also.