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Haunted Castle Games presents...

Geist: Awakening is a 2D mascot platformer in the traditions of Sonic, Mega Man, Super Meat Boy and more!
Standing on the shoulders of these giants, Geist endeavors to build on what we love from those games, while updating and enhancing the experience.
Have you ever played Sonic, and started feeling good as you build up speed, just to run into an unfairly placed enemy that you couldn't even see?!
SO HAVE WE! With Geist, we've designed a dynamic, highly functional camera, built on the Unity 2D PixelPerfect script so you can have it all: speed AND control. As you go faster, the camera zooms out, so you can always see what's coming, while still maintaining the visual consistency of a pixel. More info below!

Love the tight controls and pixel perfect platforming of Mega Man, and that perfectly tuned dash maneuver from the X series?
SO DO WE! Geist: Awakening is built around capturing that same sensation of a perfect dash, and building on it to present new platforming challenges, and to allow you to (literally) reach new heights!
Want a game that rewards multiple styles of play, including speed, exploration, combat and more?
SO DO WE! And that's why we're building Geist from the ground up. We're making the game we want to play.
We remember that feeling of being obsessed with pixely blue heroes as a kid. One of our guiding principles is to build a game that our childhood selves would also be obsessed with: a game with that just-right combination of character, gameplay and story.

The Character

Like you, Geist is adventurous, curious, and good (for the most part!) He does enjoy a bit of mischief and sarcasm, but he'll always be the first to help you up when you fall.

The Story

Imagine you woke up 10,000 years in the future. Looking down from the sky at what's left of the world. You've lost all your memories; all you have is one nagging question... why?
Wouldn't it be weird?!
As Geist, go on a quest across space and time to recover your memories and understand what's happening to the world, and why you're here!
The story, while accessible to all, hides deeper themes and meanings for those willing to explore! Uncover the truth bit by bit as you collect memories, artifacts and awaken haunted spirits! A big theme of the narrative here is dark vs. light, and finding the line between them. You'll meet characters and enemies on both sides, as well as some that walk that very line...

The Gameplay

Run. Jump. Dash.
These fundamentals should be familiar. We love platforming and we're psyched to put our own spin on these classics while we build the worlds for Geist to explore.

Attack and Reflect!
While the game prioritizes speed and exploration, combat plays a large role as well: Attack with the right cadence and you can score a triple combo! Attack a projectile and you can reflect it back at the enemy! Attack an enemy from above and bounce up for the coup de grace! Chase down enemies while platforming, avoiding attacks, and using all the skills at your disposal in an epic high-speed fight that takes you across the world!!

Soar. Shift. Sing...?
Creative takes on old favorites: dash and "chain" an enemy to soar to that unreachable platform. Shift to the Otherworld to see a way around that wall without stopping. Sing to slow down streams of enemies so you can bounce off of them to get to those platforms just out of reach. All of this takes energy, and the key to keeping your energy up is...
Speed! The game is built to be fast. As a spirit, Geist is already light and quick, but the faster you go, the faster you get! Build speed over time and earn energy by not breaking the flow: keep going!

Telekinesis, Rocket Jump, Warp and more!
Unlock all sorts of powers and skills as you progress!

Accessible for beginners, rewarding for experts.
There are many paths to awakening! Each time you finish a course, you're given a report of what you found and what you missed. Return to early courses to see how things are changed by your actions, and what new collectibles you can find with new powers!
Dark Mode
After you finish the adventure as Geist, you can then explore as Shade, the dark side of the spirit, the opposite side of the coin. Use Dark moves like Bury, Devour and Command to make up lost ground and take your place among the stars!

The World

Curiously, pieces of your past are scattered all over. Explore the sky, the woods, the deep, the stars, and even the sun itself. As you progress through the game, the World Tree will connect them all and let you travel to the places you've been, and perhaps a few you haven't yet seen...

Why Unity2D?

PixelPerfect Camera: This is hugely important for us. It lets us:
  • Normalize pixel art at different rotations and scales for a consistent looking world
  • Make use of particle effects and lights in a way that doesn't clash with the style
  • And... with our customized script, zoom the camera in and out based on character speed, while maintaining pixel consistency. We create our assets once, and they automatically adjust based on zoom level.

TileMap: This makes it possible for our designer to prototype levels quickly and easily, which is incredible for such a small team
2D Animation: Thanks to the PixelPerfect Camera, we've experimented with animating some of the characters as skeletons/puppets. This combo creates a distinctive style, perfect for the spirits and haunted beasts that Geist will encounter on his journey.
UI: While we've decided against a traditional HUD for stylistic reasons, Canvas let us build a functioning title screen in about 15 minutes!
Sprite Shape: We've JUST started experimenting with this (we actually found out about it because of this challenge!), but we're interested to see how it works with PixelPerfect Camera and Tilemap to assist in building the world!

About Us

Haunted Castle Games is a one-man development team started by John Selig. While we're still... quite small, we've got big plans and a number of new teammates starting soon!
We've only been working in Unity since August, so obviously we're early in production. Most of the core gameplay systems are implemented, so we're on to the fun part: designing levels and more characters!


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