Gear Gauntlet - Wii U & Steam port
Ported the game Gear Gauntlet to Wii U. This included implementing NEX Leaderboards, Miiverse integration and support for multiple controllers, as well as for Wii U's unique second-screen setup. The work also included performance and load-time optimisations, and working with the original developers, Drop Dead Interactive, to solve platform-specific UI issues. As well, compiling and mastering the game, from Unity3d, to Nintendo specific formats as required by Nintendo Lotcheck certification procedures. This included handling regional differences between Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of America. Finally, using Nintendo's back-end systems to submit the game and ensure it passed certification. And formatting and submitting Nintendo eShop store assets for the game. Furthermore, integrated Steam leaderboards, achievements, cloud save and stats into the PC version of Gear Gauntlet. And also prepared and tested Steam builds for Windows and Mac, plus set up the Steam store page and Steam trading cards.
James Coote
Programmer - Programmer