Gas Pump
These days is more hard for me get in day with my personal art, thanks to my freelance work for that, I just finish the creation of 65 low poly furnitures objects in 25 days, for me was a achivement, I'm not really sure is this normal in the regular life of a 3D artist, but between that and my job creating videos for toddles I found this little time (I'm just ignoring my job, I need to go back) to create this model. It's part of something "bigger" a little idea I've been dragging for a while, with some luck maybe I can finish it, but for now I'm really happy with the result, I start it with low poly base mesh after that I convert it to a high one and I just project all that into the low poly back, I try to use one of this modern tools for texturing like substance but my laptop is not good enough for that, so I try with PixaFlux that looks more simple and the thing is my laptop is not good enough for that too, so PS like old times.
Aender Lara
Game Developer, 3D Generalist - Artist