Gargantua: A New Dawn (WIP)

As resources rapidly vanish, humankind is on a mission to find a new home. A group of researchers, responsible for gathering information about the unknown planet, find themselves face to face with the old gods they once worshipped.

"As we vanished into the stars, into other worlds, we had no idea what would await us. Arriving at Gargantua we knew that we would make contact with them, whether harmful oder friendly we did not know. But we we're not prepared for what our eyes could see in front of us. Bones as big as mountains, grown brittle from the harsh environment that surrounded them. We've told each other stories, about the gigants who watched over us, who kept us safe from the universe and the dangers that grew. We traveled so far from our home and as It was not the fact that we finally saw their true form in all of their magnitude, or how their hands could crush our bones and skin into mere nothing. It was the fact that they we're lying there, buried deeply into the snow mountains of Gargantua. We could feel our skin crawl as we finally could form the question in our head: What was it that killed them?"
This project was originally supposed to be an entry for the Neon Challenge, but sadly time was not on my side, hence I was not able to finish the project in time. I however still wanted to work on the idea I've had in mind, so here we are.

Anne Zarnecke
Game Designer - Student