Garden Defense
Super Swarm Smash is a new style of "Tower Defense" game. Armies of hungry insects are attacking your garden. Arrange groups of Plants along the path of the of bugs to stop them. Spend your “Resources” to purchase increasingly powerful plants. Different Plants have different powers which are multiplied when plants of the same type are grouped together. Plants need to be grouped to be effective. Select plants from the menu at the bottom of the screen, and tap on open areas of the map to spend the resources and place them. You cannot block the bug’s pathway. Each time you stop a bug you gain more resources. The plants automatically attack the bugs. The ATTACK BUTTON accelerates the next attack. Tap and hold to replace a plant with the currently selected plant from the menu. When playing higher difficulty maps Bug eggs will start appearing at the level start. Destroy these eggs to release the bugs for extra resources.
Andrew Keplinger