Gandhian Era - Rajghat Reimagined
About the app:
To commemorate 150th birth anniversary of the father of our nation, we have designed an ARCore app that incorporates the following technologies:
- Unity 3D
- ARCore Kit
The scenes have been created with the help of low-poly 3D models.
Our vision for the app:
With this app, we try to visualize a Clean and Green India and re-imagine Rajghat, the final resting place of Mahatma Gandhiji. He firmly believed in cleanliness and personally made the effort to achieve the change that he wanted to see.
In recent years, we have seen a depletion in clean air, water and earth. Hence, with the help of this app we would urge the youngsters remember the dream Mahatma Gandhiji had for India. And to showcase how the various elements of nature- fire, earth, air and water can co-exist in harmony.
Instructions to use the app:
- Launch the app and point the camera towards a plane surface
- The Rajghat and surrounding will appear when you tap on the screen
- You can then move or walk around to navigate.