Gandhi VR
Hi All :)
I created Virtual Reality app "Gandhi VR" for #ImagineGandhi competition.
This Virtual Reality experience will give you brief overview of Gandhiji’s life in more immersive way.
This Virtual Reality app is made for Oculus Go VR headset using Unity Game Engine and Oculus SDK.
Though the controller is used for pointing, this app also supports gaze based selection. So this app works without controller too.
As Oculus SDK is used for development, the provided project is compatible with Gear VR also.
For this contest, I tried to convey some Gandhian Learnings through various scenes. The project tries to touch the life of Mahatma Gandhi through the pictures and some rare video footage. User can walk through the scene to view them.
The project features can be broadly classified into following key areas,
  1. Rich Multimedia
  2. Gandhiji’s Life
  3. Learnings through Experience
  4. Gandhipedia
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