Zombie Watch - Zombie Survival
Published 3 years ago
In development
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Zombie Watch is a 3D mobile game with low poly design, many crafting options, and roaming zombies. Build your base as grand as you want it to be and make sure your defense is on point because zombies will attack you in waves. Once they destroy your base or kill you, the game is over.
Build your base and defend it from zombies that will be attacking you everywhere you go and will try to destroy your base in waves. Be the champion of survival in cold, harsh and cruel winter landscape in the world of zombie invasion. So be a great worker and gather logs, nails, bolts, chop down trees, seed and harvest plants and in all build a self-sustainable base. Explore the map and make sure you kill those zombies because they drop items. Use your axe or crossbow and destroy each and every one of them. Survive, if you can. Keep in mind that we will be adding items and we would be happy to hear your suggestions for improvement.
Zombie Watch is completely free to play!
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We THANK all of you brave players and fans of Zombie Watch!
Upcoming :
- New map (swamp)
- New enemy types(ranged..)
- Animal - horse(for meat)
- Optimization pass on machines ratio gain
- Bugfixes
- Leveling (unlockables still in development)
- Much more..
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