Zombie Raider Of Ra
Published 2 years ago
Available on
iOS; Android
Zombie Raider Of Ra is an 3D action game for mobile phones with simple controls and an amazing gameplay. The main goal of the game is run as many meters as possible, but the game offers much more, such as collecting achievements or rivaling other players.
Zombie Raider Of Ra is 3D action game for mobile phones with simple controls and an amazing gameplay.The main goal of game is to run as many meters as possible but the game will offer much more. Unlike other games, in which the goal is to run as many meters as possible, you do not look at the hero from back but you see him in full beauty from front view, this making the game original and different from others. The main hero of this game is Ambient - regular guy with special problem, he is a zombie. Zombie from him made his creator Ra, he cursed him with a zombie curse and locked him in the endless world. The mission of the player is to help Ambient escape from this world and free him from this curse. During the game, you can collect Ra trips, for which you can buy various enhancements to help you achieve the best score. As an enhancement you can buy skills, different types of clothing and boosters. In the game you can also collect achievements, experiences and unlock stories. For the best players there is a chance to compete with others, the game has a built-in ranking system so you can instantly see your ranking compared to other players.
Early history
The game was born in January 2017, when a young developer learning how to make models in Blender. After successful creation of Ambient character, he decided that the character must be used somewhere and because he always wanted to make a mobile game, so it's just happened. A few months later, the game was in the world. Created only by Vaclav Strobl.
  • - Time killer on the roads
  • - Run the best score
  • - You can wear up to 50 different clothes
  • - Unique gameplay
  • - Reverse view from camera
  • - Compete with other players
  • - Discover deep thoughts through stories
  • - Collect achievements
  • - Use boosters to get best score
  • - No ads!
Václav Štrobl
Ra - Artist
Game Languages
Czech; English
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android