Published 3 years ago
In development
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Windows; Mac; Xbox One; PlayStation 4
Yukidama is a low poly game thats like a mix of Katamari, Zelda, and Lego Adventures
Yukidama is a single-player, sprawling, 3D platformer for children of all ages, set in worlds of both past and future. Play as a toy ball named “Dama” who was imbued with the spirit of his creator's desire to make the world a happier place. 
When Dama’s creator suddenly vanishes, He must journey alone across the world to find him solve the mysteries of the missing pieces of his spirit. Along the way he confronts many trials and difficulties. As he overcomes each of them, he is rewarded new abilities and enhancements. Through his adventures, Dama will come to understand his true destiny. 
Join Dama on his quest and explore worlds like Feudal Japan, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt and even distant futuristic lands. 
Puzzle solving 
7 Large and sprawling levels 
Immersive environments 
Item Collecting 
Dynamic soundtrack composed by “Nerf Morphix” 
Touching story and cinematics 
Special abilities 
Fun for every age group 
Underwater levels 
Slapstick physics 
The Small Print 
-Yukidama is still in development and scheduled to release December of 2017. 
-All images and video are from alpha and beta builds of demo level.
John Rossitter
Code Guy and Indie Studio Head - Executive
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Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Xbox One; PlayStation 4