Published 4 years ago
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Android; Apple TV; iOS

Yoshinami - The Quiet Wave
Yoshinami is a battle game at heart. Two players face off in a battle of balance. Fighters from the city of Yoshinami build their armored shells and take them into the arena in the city of Hiraeth to battle it out. The battlers sit in their shells, in a zen state and by achieving mental states are able to perform attacks and defenses.
Players have to equip their shells with attack and defense systems. In these shells the warriors/pilots sit in a lotus like position, focusing their mind on keeping the forces in balance and unleashing attacks on their opponents. The shells are themed to specific tribes. The shells can be customized and upgraded in sync with the warrior that uses it. Many themes can be applied to the shells and their attacks. Who will become the best Yoshinami battler of all time?
Michiel Sala
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Android; Apple TV; iOS