X Termite Nation
Published 3 years ago
Available on
Android; Apple TV; Gear VR; iOS; Other VR

Termite Clans are about to begin a battle for the last eucalyptus tree. Their world it´s about to collapse and the clans are ready to fight, your time is now!
Represent the Warrior Path with Samurai Clan, fight with encourage as the Viking Clan, plan your best battle strategy with the Roman Clan, fight with fervor to defend your people with the Mexica Clan, play with honor as the Franco Clan transcend through the time with the Egyptian Clan.
Defeat all the enemies in 3 different types of games : Lineage (Capture the Flag), Insecticide (Beat 'em up), Termitarium (King of the Hill) and defeat the boss.
X termite Nation is compatible with touch screens, as well as a variety of controls.
Download the VR app!
Play dare and clever, defeat all clans if you can!
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Game Languages
Spanish; English
Supported Platforms
Android; Apple TV; Gear VR; iOS; Other VR