World of Empires
Updated 2 years ago
Available on
Windows; Mac; Linux; iOS; Android
World of Empire is a turn-based strategy game like Civilization from Sid Meier.
World of Empires is a turn-based 4X strategy game.
Search for technologies, build armies and raise your civilization to be the master of the world.
Current content :
  • Procedural world generation with customization
  • Multiplayer (Cross-Platform)
  • In-App Purchase (only for donation)
  • Map Editor
  • Minimap
  • 26 civilizations and custom abilities
  • Commercial exchange
  • 54 troops
  • 82 buildings
  • 14 Terrain improvements
  • 81 Technologies
  • AI
  • Diplomacy
  • Basic happiness
  • Civilization Score
  • Save your progression locally, on DropBox and Online
  • Translated in french, english, german, russian, spanish, portuguese, chinese, korean, italian, polish, turkish and dutch
What's next : 
  • Some units animation are missing and some weapons too
  • Gold maintenance, for the moment you can have less than 0$
  • Future technologies and future units
Bruno Fargnoli
Programmer / Manager - Owner
Game Languages
Chinese, Simplified; English; French; German; Italian; Korean; Polish; Portuguese; Russian; Spanish; Turkish; Dutch
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Linux; iOS; Android