Woeful Woebots
Published 2 years ago
In development
Available on
Windows; HTC Vive; Oculus Rift
Your robot creations have suddenly turned against you! As their master you have to destroy every single one of them before they do something strikingly similar to you! Grab your guns from your super high-tech hips and blast your way through their filthy electronic meats!
Woeful Woebots is an action-packed arcade shooter made from the ground up for VR!  You’ve made these things, now it’s time to press the undo button multiple times until your fingers fall off.
  • - Shoot lots of robots that die a lot when you kill them until they are dead!
  • - Move around the level somewhat freely by shooting carefully placed teleport points!
  •   Be strategic and take enemies out from above!
  • - Super Excellent AI
  • - NO motion sickness (almost*) semi-guaranteed in a super-non legally binding way!
  • - Fight with your friends over the who can climb to the top of the amazingly innovative local high score list! At least until the Steam scorelist is implemented anyway!
  • - Absolutely NO multiplayer at all! Finally you can be completely free from the pressures of online fighting that could RUIN your FRIENDS into ruinous ruin!
  • (yes, having no multiplayer IS a unique feature! Don’t argue with me!)
* does not apply if you are playing this game on a boat in stormy weather or in a car flying off a cliff or if played on top of a speeding truck while fighting off oncoming traffic
Bard Hole Standal
Game Designer
Game Languages
Chinese, Simplified; English
Supported Platforms
Windows; HTC Vive; Oculus Rift