Wizards Tourney
Published 2 years ago
In development
Windows; Mac; Linux
Face your friends in this chaotic competition which will test all your magical talent! Wizards Tourney is a local party-game for up to 4 players.
Face your friends in this chaotic competition which will test all your magical talent. In Wizards Tourney you’ll have to prove that you are the most qualified and cunning wizard capable not only to win but also to make your enemies fail!
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A pinch of magic
- Face your friends and show that you are the most powerful wizard (local multiplayer for up to four players)
- A chaotic and enjoyable competition. Never stand still, take action!
- Every event has a different mechanics and each one sets out a different challenge.
- Each game has his own location. The scene is different in each game! (procedural generation)
- Wizards from different regions and cultures.
- Simple controls and rules that are easy to learn. A tourney where everybody can participate, but just the best will take the victory!
The tourney
In Wizards Tourney you will face other wizards in different events where you will have to prove your ability and your cunning, so you’ll not only be worried about overcome the challenge that you will find in each event, but you’ll also hinder and sabotage your opponents’ progress. A wizard never cheats, he adapts the world to his needs!
Choose your wizard and go to the Coliseum where a magical portal will lead to you to the tourney’s events. Each one is localized on a different place and it set out a different objective, but everyone is funny, dynamic, and chaotic. Every time the game starts, the scene is dissimilar, so you will need to adapt you to it. Each game is different!
The real wizards
Each year, the Wizards Tournament gather distinguished wizards from around the world in High Castle to decide who will get the title of Archmage. However, what started off as a competition based on experience and magical talent, has turned to an elite event where politics and appearance have been imposed at the ancestral end of this tournament.
This year, a small group of wizards has decided to get back to origins, rising against the tournament’s coordinators to give the use of magic her importance. For this reason, they have organized an independent and real tourney, far from severe rules and bureaucracy that reign the Wizards Tournament. In Wizards Tourney, each participant will really have to prove to be the most qualified and cunning wizard, putting into practice all the strategy and trick necessary to achieve the victory.
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Game Languages
English; French; German; Italian; Japanese; Portuguese; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Linux