Wanted - Die Or Survive
Published 3 years ago
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Wanted Die Or Survive is an open world first person RPG, adventure, story based, survival, wild west game. Player will take the role of John M. Stevenson who is sent by congress in a small town to resolve the dispute between....
Wanted | Die or survive is an open world, adventure, story based, survival, wild west game. Player will take the role of John M. Stevenson who is sent by congress in small town to resolve the dispute between town folks and native Indians. The plot begins when John realizes that the industrial tycoons are involved in the dispute. And he needs to find a fair solution.  Without shedding blood, and advocates for truth. He'll be set up to be killed in an accident. Being compelled to find out who is on his team, he will be attacked in the forest expedition. He will survive with the help of Indian Kangee (meaning "raven" on Sioux language). He will find his way through forests, mountains and deserts into the town to take revenge. On the way he will have to survive, he will meet Indians, trappers, hunters, bounty hunters (some will be friendly, some not), wild animals, bad weather conditions... Discover the Indian villages, settlements of miners, abandoned houses ...
It will be combination of many game genres, at first place is first-person RPG. Npc's will have their own life. Towns will have their economy. So if you rob a bank or steal cargo from train which is intended for the city (in this case full of corn), it will be a problem for the folks (Farmers will not get seed and food for cows) so that will be chain reaction that affects the town where player is involved. Or if town folks find gold mine or something to help to grow finances, town will grow, populations will increase, also will come to an influx of settlers who will make new homes and start new businesses. Or if you kill town Mayor, they will elect most respected man to take his place (all npc's will have their own skills) and you will be hanged if they catch you.
  • Wild Life
Variety of the wild life in game depends of natural habitats, for example forest, desert, steppe. and in these environments you may encounter animals that inhabited the area. Ecosystem as in real life, the animals are divided into herbivores and carnivores, preys and predators, aggressive and timid. Animals react naturally to one another, such as if a wolf chasing a rabbit & deer or to flee from the bear. But If the wolf is in the pack, they will attack the bear. Animals will be able to bring a baby into the world. So that the balance or imbalance will rule the living environment of these animals.
  • Weather system
Dynamic weather system. Weather conditions depend on altitude and environment. There is sun, rain, snow. And there is day/night cycle.This will all affect the flora and fauna, the possibility of player, the behavior of the population. For example, people in the fields will escape from the rain, trappers will be persistent until the weather conditions disable their further movement through the wood. In the snowy wilderness you will need warmer clothes and shelter. This is one of the aspects of the game that adds to the dynamics.
  • Experience system
Experience system in game provides many different solutions to a player, so that allocation of skilpoints depend on how player will access the solving quests. Would you like to be silent and unnoticed, fighting hand to hand, negotiating or paying others to try to do this instead of you. System gives you total freedom to the different styles of play. So player can see the response of the gameworld to the styles of access to any aspect of the game.
  • Fractions
The decisions of the player affect the world and its inhabitats. You will have the main story which you can follow or not. If you don’t want to, the story will proceed without your participation, to simulate realism. Every decision in the game has its consequences. 
Join any fraction you want and change it depend on game, and what you think is best for you. Feel the experience of being in many fractions as you and fight for yourself or others. Feel the richness of different fractions and find the best way to level up and enjoy in open possibilities of wild west.
Nikola Kujundzic
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