Wanted Alive
Published 3 years ago
In development
Windows; Mac; Xbox One; PlayStation 4
Please Note this game is really early in the state of development.

Wanted Alive: is a third person/first person action strategy game, which allows each player to have freedom of opportunity and lets the player manage on how to complete a certain task
•GAMEPLAY• Wanted Alive: is a third person/first person action strategy game. Within the game players may disguise to get to areas they are not permitted to enter, players can also choose on how they will play the game, from going in shooting the brains out of your target to strategically planning and lurking in the shadows is all up to the player. •ONLINE/MULTIPLAYER• Online: is something different from what you regularly see. Throughout multiplayer their is are game modes like "Hit and Run" where one team defends the target meaning, guard the target, frisk certain people and more. The assassins on the other hand are the ones that have to assassinate the target. They are aloud to do things like, disguising, eliminating people that get in their way and more. •STORY• This game has a different way of telling its story. The story is meant to give the player a feel of guilt and have emotions traveling everywhere, from excitement, to confusion and guilt it all can describe on who you are personally. Throughout the story, players might need to make certain choices on word choice and actions, and this might to reveal things to personal levels. •FAQ• Q: What is different about this game? ​ A: The difference can be the way this game gets you to these emotional states, and it takes you to a psychological perspective of who you are. We want this game not just to be a game where somebody plays it just as an ordinary game, we want players to enjoy and be within the experience. ​ Q: Will the game be on platforms like, XBOX,PS4, and PC? ​ A: We will be trying to release the games on XBOX and PC but we are not 100% sure about PS4. ​ Q: How do I download the press kit(beta) of the game? ​ A: On this website, you can go and click on "More" and you will see the word Demo, click on that and from their it will explain everything. ​ Q: When will this game be released? ​ A: We do not have an official release date but we will gladly let you guys know.
David Aminov
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Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Xbox One; PlayStation 4