Published 4 years ago
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iOS; Android
The 1st treasure hunting game in Albania, build on a mysterious mission that can be revealed by finding 10 hidden objects in the city through augmented reality.

Vodafone City Game consisted in completing a route on the map in order to catch the hidden elements in the city. These elements were hints towards the decoding of the mystery and the game could only be finalized by the conquer of them all.
After downloading the app in their smartphones, players had to find 10 hidden objects in the city through augmented reality.
Once they were found and scanned, the elements were added to the "Inventory" of the game in order to continue the chase.
The fastest players were rewarded throughout the game with bundles and top players with the latest smartphones.
                            “Find the mystery in your city, discover the 10 elements and WIN”
The 1st edition of Vodafone City, was launched only in Tirana Albanias capital.
Vodafone City 2nd edition was present in top 10 most populated cities in Albania . The expansion was broadly demanded by the audience, many of which were converted from other providers to Vodafone with the sole purpose of participating in the game.
Klaudian Dhefto
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iOS; Android