Virtual Spaces: Virtual Reality for Real Estate
Published 3 years ago
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Android; Gear VR
Photo realistic renders using Real Time Rendering Techniques for Architectural Visualization on Mobile Virtual Reality for "yet-to-be-built" properties sending properties to the buyer instead of the vice-versa! Check out our latest render here:
Virtual Spaces is a Bangalore, India headquartered Mobile VR application develoopment startup that is heping Real Estate and its allied industries for visualization. We build exclusively on the Samsung Gear VR platform. We use Real Time rendering technique to provide photo realistic renders on a Mobile device!
Virtual Spaces is building a Virtual reality application that helps builders reduce costs and increase sales efficiency. We are building an application where the Builder can showcase EVERY configuration of apartment that he is building and give the consumer a real feel of how the apartment looks like and get a walk-through of the same through the Head-Mounted Device (HMD) such as Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear in conjunction with a handheld gamepad (or controller). This helps in reducing costs for the builder and hopefully will be able to pass on the savings to the consumer.
Interior Designers can build a model and get consumer input in real-time by giving the consumer options to change the design to suit the consumers taste. This can be done through the HMD in conjunction with a gamepad (controller) where the consumer can pick and drop an element such as a wardrobe and move it across the room (for example) to see how it looks like.
Another use case of this application is in the retail store space: Focus groups can be used for understanding product placement in a retail store to test which product is a consumer most likely to buy before the decision on the ultimate placement of the product is finaized.
We are patented.
Key Features: 1. Wireless only technology 2. Free scale navigation on VirtualSpaces application 3. Patented technology 4. Security enabled: World’s first Mobile VR login: Under development 5. Customized dashboard for each builder in VR: Under development 6. Resolution quality significantly high 7. Gaze input interaction in VR
Abhijeet Naik
VirtualSpaces - Owner
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Android; Gear VR