Vikings Invaders
Published 3 years ago
In development
iOS; Android
Vikings Invaders is a casual, endless survival game. Drag to aim and release to shoot arrows at the oncoming invaders. Hold them off for as long as you can!
Viking invaders have arrived while the King's army is away! They brought the meanest, toughest Vikings with them. Only a lone archer stands in the way to protect the lands from being plundered and razed. Help Princess Elysande take up her bow and to stand fast against the invaders. Hold them off for as long as you can!
Vikings Invaders is an endless survival game. Draw your bow, aim and let your arrows fly! Viking invaders offers a simple fast-paced gameplay with a challenging experience that rewards skilled play.
Features an endless survival 2D game play.
The difficulty ramps up based on the challenge rating that ramps up over time.
The princess comes equipped with a variety of special skills to help her fight the horde. Shoot multiple arrows with Multishot.
Charge your arrow and release an attack that pierces thru enemies. 
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Supported Platforms
iOS; Android