Upside-Down Dimensions
Published 2 years ago
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Windows; Mac; Xbox One; PlayStation 4
Upside-Down Dimensions is a highly visual game that combines action, hack n slash, RPG, stealth, platform and puzzles to create a unique and amazing gameplay experience. Play as two characters separated into different dimensions. Flip between these worlds to stop the nefarious Dark Shogun.
Upside-Down Dimensions Introduction
A peaceful and colourful paper world is about to be torn apart. Hordes of evil are preparing to make their last stand, in one final battle to bring ruin to this paper kingdom. In their way are two heroes, a boy and a girl. Follow them in their epic journey to defeat evil once and for all.
MULTIPLE GENRES - Upside-Down Dimensions brings a unique gameplay experience that creates an original fusion of genres, that delivers fun and demanding challenges ranging from pure fast-paced action (where stressful waves of enemies will test the player ability to chain attacks and devastating combos to swipe away hordes of enemies) as well as calmer moments that require cleverness and intelligence to outperform enemies and the demanding puzzles that block the route forward in the game.
TWO ALTERNATIVE DIMENSIONS - Two alternating dimensions, one focused on action and combat, the other, intellect and cunning where puzzle solving is crucial – a world where the clever will prevail. Two dimensions, one path, an epic journey to stop Evil from destroying the world.
Two unique realities of the same world, split into two distinctive dimensions, each with its own season and time of day.
 Rotating the world creates an effect on the opposite plane
Communication between the two dimensions brings by itself an all new dimension to games, as the entire level flips Upside-Down to reveal the world of the other character.  Players will need to play with the opposite configuration of the level, as UP has now become DOWN and DOWN has now become UP.
HACK'N'SLASH COMBAT - Influenced by paper craft and Origami, battle formidable enemies with a range of weapons and key chained combos, delivering highly visual and explosive combat.
Feel the intensity as waves of enemies, directly inspired by medieval Japanese history, myths and legends, recreate a unique army of foes that will make the gameplay experience intrinsically fun and amazing to play.
On top of this, you will be able to fight against a range of bosses, each with their own abilities and core powers, where all the solutions are valid to win the ultimate battle that will make good prevail over evil.
PUZZLE SOLVING - Engage in innovative multidimensional box mechanics that connect two worlds. Solve one problem and potentially create another on the opposite plane.
Test the limits of mind bending puzzles, where the ability to think logically and intuitively will assure the player of the best way to progress throughout the game and to achieve maximum fun.
Quick and sharp reflexes are often needed to overcome the challenges that Upside-Down Dimensions will set for the player, not everything is what it seems.  Maximum concentration will be needed to find the right solution for the problem.
STEALTH AND INFILTRATION - Traverse the world undetected, using the environments to your advantage. Out-perform the enemies by going undetected though the world and perform actions to help the other character progress.
A WORLD OF ORIGAMI - Summon powerful Origami's to ward off fearsome Japanese warriors, mythological creatures and ancient demons.  Be dazzled by the delicate texture of the different types of paper, and by the precise and detailed way they blend together to make an entire world of paper come to life in a colourful and cheerful fantasy, almost as poetry in motion.
Feel the oppression of formidable enemies that will make you feel the power of evil and the fragility of being made of paper.
Find and collect all the Origamis that will help you move through the adventure.  Unlock new weapons, new powers and new abilities to overcome obstacles, as well as meeting new allies that will be able to help you overcome the most fearsome of paper-crafted enemies. Unleash devastating powers to swipe entire hordes of evil from your world.
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Game Languages
English, British; French; Portuguese; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Xbox One; PlayStation 4