Unearthing Colossal
Published 4 years ago
In development
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Mac; TBA; Windows

Unearthing Colossal is a 2D pixel physics brawler with physics puzzles, bosses, and unique weapons.
Take on the role of an epic titan of death named Reaper. Your nemesis the Bringer of Life has broken from tradition - the cycles of life - and created a sentient race known as the Humans. Now it's up to you as Reaper to decide if the world still needs the cleansing cycles of life and death.
"Wow, really incredible mood! Nice work!" ~RetroEpic
"That was intensely moody. The droning ambience, the crowded screams. Loved it." ~Snoother
"QWOP meets Shadow of the Colossus? Can't say I was expecting that, but I like it! Excellent sense of atmosphere, in terms of both graphics and sound." ~ArcturusDeluxe
"Awesome game! Keep up the good work!" ~Jared Sartin
"Love the Sword&Sworcery inspired art. The weapons, also, were very fun to swing around once I got the hang of it." ~cageinabird
Matt Dalgety
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Mac; TBA; Windows
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