Tyd wag vir Niemand
Published a year ago
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Windows; Mac; Linux
Prepare to be transported to a realm between time and space. In this oddly beautiful, yet dangerous, dimension you will need to use your ability to slow down time to survive deadly challenges.
Tyd wag vir Niemand is Afrikaans for "Time waits for Nobody" and this sentiment is the foundation of the game's mechanics and design, while the player has the ability to slow down and normalize time at will, the sense of urgency in the challenges the player has to overcome isn't diminished in any sense and will put the player's timing and co-ordination to the test.
The game can best be described as an Abstract First Person Adventure game as it embodies an abstract nature not only in its environmental and level design but also in its themes and its narrative as it tackles concepts such as memories and perception in a dream-like visual manner. The player takes on the role of a military rescue agent who is transported to another dimension by a mysterious machine while on a mission gone wrong, now you must use your ability to slow down time to make it to the end of this 
"We always liked the ability to control the world around you in some manner and we've always felt like it would make for some cool gameplay mechanics", says Skobbejak Games Director Tiaan Gerber. He adds, "So we thought the ability to slow down time along with some trippy environments and some crazy animations would make for unique challenges as well as a weirdly beautiful experience".
Tiaan Gerber
Game Languages
Afrikaans; English
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Linux