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Windows; iOS; Android; Windows Phone 8
Train Sim is the #1 Train Simulator with 50 Trains 35 Cars & 9 realistic 3D environments and over 17M downloads.
Train Sim is the #1 Train Simulator with over 19M downloads!
-Awesomely Realistic 3D graphics
-50+ Realistic 3D Train Types
-40+ Train Car Types
-9 Realistic 3D Environments
-1 Underground Subway Scene
-Build Custom Environments
-3D Cab Interiors for all Trains
-Train derailments
-Kid friendly
-Realistic Train Sounds
-Easy Controls
-Regular Content Updates
Train Sim is perfect fun for both adults and kids who love Trains & Train Games. Pick up passengers from stations, or carry some freight. Control your favorite historical or modern trains perfectly recreated in 3D. Drive the trains, sit in passenger cars, or simply view the train from the ground as it comes towards you. This professionally made Train Simulator has something for every Train fan.
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English; French; German; Italian; Polish; Russian; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Windows; iOS; Android; Windows Phone 8