Tower Titans
Published 3 years ago
In development
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Windows; Mac; Linux; Xbox One; PlayStation 4
Tower Titans blends 3d action and tower defense genres. You'll have the power to construct gigantic towers, add on loads of guns to fend off swarms of alien bugs. You'll have to run around, manage resources and reach objectives!
Stranded on a planet in the far reaches of space and surrounded by cybernetically altered bugs left behind by an evil mining corporation, this is where we find our unlikely heroes. The Poly Runner, a colony ship sent to aid a backwater planet was marooned there after a failed re-entry. With only the scrap from the ship and their diverse skill sets they are left to fend for themselves on this hostile planet. A botanist, a maintenance bot, an alien refugee, and a space mercenary must band together and survive the endless horde of cybernetic insects left behind by FractureTech Industries.
Tower Building: Break free from the grid, place and build towers wherever you choose. Construct massive towers using a huge list of parts and weapons. How you build your tower and what you equip it with is entirely up to you
3rd Person: Take your fight to the ground and run, shoot, slice and explode your enemies alongside your tower creations. Be a part of the action, no tower stands alone.
4 Unique Characters: Choose from 4 distinct characters each with their own play style. Each character has a role to play to complement your towers. Take advantage of each characters abilities to ensure your victory.
Endless Carnage: Finished with the Campaign? Test your skill against the never ending onslaught of cybernetic bugs and see how long you and your creations can last in challenging and dynamic game modes.
Ahnea found herself on the Poly Runner after FractureTech decided her planet was worth more in pieces. She has seen first-hand the atrocities FractureTech is capable of and sees her current situation as a chance to help those who are experiencing it now. With her powerful knowledge of matter manipulation and telekinetics, she won't stop until FractureTech pays for its crimes.
Rust Guzzler, as the crew call him, is the original maintenance bot of the Poly Runner and in terrible disrepair. But that doesn’t slow down his overly positive emotion emulating software. With no formal weapon training, Rust Guzzler has picked up some old ordnance and his trusty tool bag to fight back the enemies that now threaten his home ship.
Terra is a sword wielding botanist from a planet where the plant life is a relentless force of overgrowth. She joined up with the Poly Runner during the colder months of her home planet in search of adventure.
Marmot, the mercenary on retirement and on his way to collect a debt, was waylaid by the crash. With his trusty rifle at his side Marmot likes to think there is a hefty reward for saving the unfortunate folk that have also found themselves in the same dire straights as himself. He’s even gone as far as to offer his services to some fellow survivors, payment up-front of course.
But something far more sinister than mechanically enhanced insects plagues this planet. As our heroes fight to survive, they will also uncover the terrible truth of what FactureTech was doing on this planet and the fate of its inhabitants.
Adam McCurdy
Senior Unity Developer - Programmer
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Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Linux; Xbox One; PlayStation 4