Tome of Heroes
Published 3 years ago
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iOS; Android
Tome of Heroes is a real-time, player versus player game designed for mobile devices. Build a team of 3 heroes around your strategy and fight other opponents from around the world in the arena.
Tome of Heroes is a real time player versus player game designed for mobile devices. It's set in a fantasy world in which you build a team of heroes around your strategy which you'll control while fighting in the arena versus other opponents from around the world.
The game is easy enough for any gamer to pick up, however it also provides players with opportunities to outplay and be rewarded for their strategies and quick reactions. The game has a ranking system and it's divided into one week long seasons. At the end of a season players are rewarded with gems which they can use to upgrade what their heroes look like. All upgrades are visual only meaning they don't enhance the strength of the heroes and have a minimum rating requirement so their purpose is to show off your achievements.
The game has a lot of interesting mechanics and it's built so the more you play it, the more you can improve your strategies. Each hero is equipped with 4 unique abilities that provide an advantage when they're used, but an even larger one if they're used at the right time. 3 of the abilities are cool-down based meaning they can be used every so often while the 4th ability which is the strongest for each hero, charges over time based on the damage and healing each hero does. To do well in the game, players need to pay attention to what abilities they have available, when to use them, how to syncronize and match different abilities for a better outcome and last but not least, pay attention to the position on the map for each hero.
Stefan Pulciu
Design, Development, Animation - Executive
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iOS; Android