Tobi's Adventure
Published a year ago
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Tobi’s puppy has been lost. Help Tobi to find his dog through different scenarios full of obstacles.
Tobi’s Adventure is one of those games where you must guide a nice character through a myriad of obstacles, to achieve a goal, usually heroic.
In this case, Tobi's mischievous puppy has been lost and barks from the top of a map asking for help. This obviously worries Tobi a lot so he decides to go look for it.
Don’t let the simplicity of the argument or its nice graphics fool you. The game has a devilish difficulty that will lead you to remember the old arcade machines of the 80s.
To overcome each level, you must be skillful and pay close attention to everything that moves. Stay away from insects, animals or any suspect objects. Everything seems to want to stop Tobi.
With a gamepad that adapts to the position of your hands, you can guide Tobi through different obstacles. Your biggest allies will be Check Point signs and extra lives, which you can find in the most unusual places.
Everyone can have fun with Tobi's Adventure. Can you rescue Tobi's puppy? Try it!

Sergio Martino
Systems engineer - Manager
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