Tiny Wright Bros
Published 3 years ago
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iOS; Android
Let's take a trip with a classic plane into the sky!
"Tiny Wright Bros" is a simple one-touch arcade game. It's very easy and fun. Just tap screen to make plane fly and avoid obstacles. It's simple and designed for everyone. You can compete with other players in the world rankings. Let's make a memorable trip today!
Game Features:
 - Simple, fun and cute one-touch game.
 - Adorable planes with variety of themes.
 - Collect planes by finding gems on field.
 - Achievements & Leaderboard supported.
 - It's designed safe and clean for children.
Damn, we're out of gas! Let's turn the generator by ourself.
Don't forget, our goal is to find new world and get treasures!
"The airplane stays up because it doesn’t have the time to fall."
 - by Orville Wright
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Zhao Xing
Creative Game Developer - Programmer
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iOS; Android