Tides of Existence
Published 5 years ago
Linux; PlayStation 4; Windows

What is Tides of Existence?
Tides of Existence is an open world action RPG game . 
Played in a third person perspective, players control the outcast  Alec Dorian . An ex-inquisitor, who rebels against inquisition .
In the game players try to solve the mystery of the ""old ones"" using blades and magic while the player can talk and interact with  non-playable characters.
The player can level up protagonist character by earning experience points through completing quests ,defeating enemies exploring  secret islands and underwater spots  .
Each time player levels up, they receive points to spend on the character's attributes.  The game is set in Antissa , one of several countries in the mythical continent Veles. In Tides of existence every building has interior settings and  there is no invisible walls to block your way.
Tides of existence will be available for  PC, (Windows/Linux) and  Playstation
Other features of the game:
Day and Night Cycle,
Dynamic weather
Dynamic water
Dynamic terrain (in some areas)
Game Languages
Supported Platforms
Linux; PlayStation 4; Windows