Ticky Tap
Published 4 years ago
iOS; Android
Tap accurately to align the clock hands with corresponding color
More arcade-style gaming madness from The Mascoteers! Ticky Tap is a tapping challenge like no other where you have to stop the quickly rotating hands of a clock on the minutes they match up to. With each successful tap you score a point, and more hands are thrown into the mix, speeding up the game as the player hangs on for dear life.
There is next to no room for error as tapping and stopping a hand of the clock even slightly before or after the correct minute will result in the game ending, as will trying to buy your time and failing to tap at all as the hand rotates. It’s as simple as matching up the colours of the hands with the colours around the clock, but in practice it is increasingly difficult!
An added wrinkle is the various stars that show up around the face of the clock - tap when the hand passes to collect them as they can open up exciting new clock faces and more. Ticky Tap is a fast-based arcade game that will keep you on your toes and entertained for weeks. Download today for free!
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iOS; Android