The Misfits
Published 2 years ago
In development
Windows; Mac
The Misfits is a stylized third person arena shooter with one thing in mind... Kill or be Killed. No Class Upgrades, No Exosuits, No problem. Take advantage of cover, crouch, jumping, sliding, weapon pickups, a day/night cycle and good old-fashioned communication, to destroy the opposing team.
The Misfits is a stylized third person arena shooter with one objective in mind... Kill or be Killed. No Class Upgrades, No Exo-suits, No problem. Take advantage of cover, crouching, jumping, sliding, weapon pickups, a day/night cycle and good old-fashioned communication, to destroy the opposing team. For our full release, we plan to ship with 8 unique maps and multiple team oriented game modes.
Have you ever had a debt too big to pay? This group of extraordinary individuals have one unique factor that unites them. That is to be free from a sinister mob boss who purchased all the debt owed by these individuals and their degenerate family members. To pay off their debts, this crew must take down all opposing gangs throughout the city and build up his territory. Once these Misfits figure out that they can never get out of debt, the only solution is to overthrow the boss and take down his reign. Only by working together as a team, can this become a reality.
Genre: Third Person Shooter
Players: 2 to 20 players
Release: Winter 2017
We have eight themed arenas planned for Steam release. Each uniquely themed location contains elevated sections, streamlined multiple paths and secondary routes to promote game play experience. Our goal is to have no wasted game play space.
  • Downtown Plaza (Outdoor Mall)
  • Palawan (Island)
  • Lucky Dice (Casino)
  • City Station (Light Rail City Themed)
  • The Bog (Swamp)
  • Dragons Back (Desert)
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • Contract Killer: This is your traditional team death match with 10 vs. 10 players. The first team to reach target number of kills or that has the most kills when the timer expires wins the match.
  • Gang War: Similar to contract killer but 4 teams of 5 players fight against each other for bragging rights to see who has the best crew. The team with the most kills before the timer or the counter expires wins the match.
  • Smash & Grab: This objective based game mode has three rounds and no re-spawns. Your crew is tasked to smash and grab the contents of three randomly placed safes in the level. You must destroy as many safes and bring their contents back to your getaway vehicle before the time expires, there are no enemies left or there are no safes left in the round. The team with the most objectives completed will win the match.
  • Turf War: This is your traditional territories match. Use teamwork to capture points randomly placed in the environment. The team with the most points, captures and holds their turf will win the match.
  • Cash Grab: The objective is to collect and bank the most money through kills, destructibles and randomly placed cash bags throughout the environment. The team that collects the most cash and banks it at their getaway point will win the match. Don't wait too long to bank your cash, because if you get killed you become a money pinata and everything you just picked up becomes someone else's cash.
  • Heavy: Increased health, slower speed, LMG/Assault equipped.
  • Medium: Moderate health, moderate speed, Assault/Shotgun equipped.
  • Light: Lower health, increased speed, SMG/Assault equipped.
Pig Dog Games is a small indie startup comprised of six core members with 20+ years of development experience behind them. We've worked on multiple shipped titles for studios like Sony Online, Namco, Electronic Arts, Rocketeer Games. Our focus is making AAA titles for pc, mac and console. We've decided to go all-in on creating our own studio starting with our first title, The Misfits. We are technically minded and driven to make memorable and engaging gameplay for the casual and hardcore gamer alike.
If you're into team-based gameplay with a comic book feel, then help support our development team on Kickstarter. Also show your support on our YouTube channel and subscribe for the latest development V-Blog. Stay tuned for updates. Thanks for your support!
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