The Fight for System Haven
Published 4 years ago
In development
Windows; Mac; TBA
Forge your own path through an imploding universe in The Fight for System Haven. Take part in arcade shooting combat in 50+ colourful, 16-bit style levels with multiple endings to discover!
The universe is slowly constricting, eaten away at all sides by an astronomical phenomenon nicknamed 'The Great Silence'. Conflict is rife, as warring alliances carry out bloody and protracted struggles over the remaining habitable planets and galaxies. 
The Fight for System Haven is an action shooter, a space opera that takes the player from mercenary beginnings, into making choices that decide the fate of (what remains of) the galaxy itself!
  • Adventure through a game with multiple routes and endings to discover - influence the fate of System Haven in myriad different ways.  
  • Discover a wide variety of locales; dart through trees in a heavily forested planet, find yourself swallowed up into a wormhole, or explore the surreal expanse of an oceanic nebula.
  • Pilot multiple ships with different abilities and handling, and find your favourite method of traversing the universe.
  • Defeat enemies and bosses in combat and hone your skills to take your place on the time/score based leaderboards for each level. 
  • Encounter distinct factions full of personality, all with their own motivations and demands of you as a mercenary pilot.
  • Take a break from score-chasing and completion to unlock a large amount of collectibles by interacting with the environment - curiosity yields rewards including lore, new ships and secret routes. 
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Windows; Mac; TBA