The end is nahual: If I may say so
Published 3 years ago
In development
The End Is Nahual is a point & click game, full of minigames, action, bad puns and Mighty Pianos with existential problems.
We are Third World Productions, a company, that use the power of creativity and hard work to make our projects, because even if our budget it is not the biggest that there is, our games will always be better than our circumstances.
We have been working in this project for almost 5 years now, put it in all of the free time we got, and trying to make an unique experience in our comedy Point and click game, we always had tough times trying to develop this game, but we are getting closer to getting what we need to finish it.
You play as Jacob, the antagonist, and the antagonist of the antagonist, Sammael, with who you shall resolve puzzles, combine items at your leisure (of course, if the game allows it), play mini games that will challenge you in personal and spiritual level, and of course you shall meet weird characters that would make an effort to help you, or make your life hell (we are really expecting for both).
Being developed for Windows (for now).
We always wanted to make a game where the puzzles were hard, where you always feel that accomplishment when you overcome odds against you, and you feel rewarded for your effort, and that's the base idea for our project.
-Beautifully animated pixel art modernized and combined with modern techniques.
-Point & click gameplay where you’ll mix items and ideas to solve puzzles, evade enemy attacks and face your fears.
-Full of mini games, action, puns and explosions, inspired by ancient games and ancient cultures.
-Use your mighty hips to play Mesoamerican ball or ōllamaliztli.
-Use your wits and confront the spirits that oppose your path.
-2 interconnected stories, play as Jacob the little conqueror, destroyer of the east cities and descent from the Axtlans and the Westerners and Sammael, The last survivor of an ancient civilization of beasts that fed on humankind.
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