The Egg
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The adventure of the egg and the giant tree - now in 3D !
The Egg
The Egg is the story of the fairy of happiness who lived in the land of joy in her majestic castle which lies on top of the giant tree.
The fairy had that special egg which she loved so much she put inside the sacred chamber of the castle.
The Egg stayed save in the castle for very long time, until one day...
The day volcano "VOLC" awakened. making an earthquake.
The tree and the castle was swaying very strongly until The Egg fell of the castle.
But luckily the fairy was there and saved The Egg not to smash against the ground.
Now the fairy needs your help to send back The Egg up to the castle, so shall we start ;)
● The Egg is the World's First of a kind 3D Arcade Adventure game for mobile phones.
● Exciting gameplay and adventurous realm.
● Rich HD graphics and 3D visuals.
● High quality music and sound effects.
● Full featured 50 levels.
● Support both mobile and tablet devices.
● Very easy to play.
● Ideal for all ages. 
● Fun, challenging and addictive.
● Sign-in with your google account to save your play progress accross different mobile devices.
● Multiple users/players can use a single mobile device to load different accounts and play.
● Show your local and worldwide ranking against other players and friends.
● The Egg is free to play.
★ Requires internet connection.
★ Requires in-game acceptace of Play(c) terms of service.
★ The game is free to play, but If you wanted to buy extras or speed things up you can buy in-app purchases.
★ Fore more details please contact :
The Egg introduced by Play.
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