The Barbarian
Published 5 years ago
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iOS; Mac; Windows

"I have a real RPG to play with on my iPad now!" -Denin, Touch Arcade Forums
The Barbarian is a full game. It's 30+ hours of gameplay. It's a huge world with 13 environments filled with hordes of over 100 enemy types and thousands of potential weapons and armor as well as a skill and class system that changes how the game can be played.
It's an open world adventure that won't hold your hand, won't give you some 3rd-party character to tell you what to do next. There are puzzles, there are dead ends, there are hidden secrets and many quests for you to solve.
Over 2000 iOS users have played The Barbarian in it's first week. Join them and experience the challenge!
* Open world play with 13 huge maps
* Estimated 30+ hours of gameplay
* Works will all Made for iPhone Gamepads!
* Massively re-playable
* Skills (48) & Spells (30) allow players to specialize
* Rich, masterfully composed score
* Quality Settings allows for play on all 1GB+ iOS devices (Resolution & Shadow Options)
* Multiple save games allow for multiple players on one device
This game was made by an indie developer. It's my first big release, I hope you enjoy it. I'm continuing to work on it, and you'll likely notice many updates as I respond to any bugs reported to me and feature requests that you guys ask for which make sense.
I will not be abandoning this project, I will continue to work and make it better and better. Check out our forums, watch game play videos, at our website. If you choose to support this game, I will work very hard to make sure it's the most valuable iOS game purchase you've made! Thanks!
Andrew Slater
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iOS; Mac; Windows
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