Orbis: Origin
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In development
Basic information about the project.
Platform:PC, MAC.
Start of development: September 2016
Approximate date of build: ???
Approximate release: ???
Game engine: Unity3D
Developer: Kresber Game Studio
The game takes place in the world Orbis Fidei ( World of Faith)
2000 years ago, the world experienced the invasion of the armies of the Primordial Chaos. The world was on the border of everything. The fall of this world has resulted in the destruction of everything, and then reborn in a new Existence which is predominated would be Chaos. Another organization named after the Guardians of the Worlds, controlled by a Higher authority. Chaos almost took over Orbis Fidei, but the Peace Keeper gathered a Council which included representatives of the Kingdom of Darkness, Kingdom of Light, Supreme commander of the army of the Guardians of Peace and Supreme master of magic division of the Guardians of the Worlds. They created a magical artifact that could help in the destruction of the armies of the Primordial Chaos. The artifact worked, the enemy was defeated, but the war is over all Things has continued on other fronts. Because of the fragmentation in the camp of the Guardians of the Worlds, the War of Chaos were defeated on all fronts. Things had to fall and if not for the intervention of the armies of the Highest authority in the failure of the Guardians, Things no longer existed.
After the great Battle, the artifact was given to the inhabitants of the world. And the members of the Supreme Council of the Orbis Fidei, merchname was proclaimed by the gods and thus after the battle, a new religion.
Project features:
Interesting and sometimes convoluted plot, a project inspired by the ideas of Dragon Age and Gothic, we will follow the 14 unique satellites with their views on a particular situation and with its own character, a lot of dialogues and quests, not quests, kill 10 boars, not a linear story, the game will not magic(but for the passage of the main plot, we will be able to return to the world of magic), lore rich world character editor.
Ilya Kolyazhnov
Game Languages
English; Russian
Supported Platforms