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Help the endangered, smallest and cutest primate increase their numbers.

The male tarsier must avoid dangers to reach the female; if successful a baby is produced.
Swipe the Tarsier to jump to his mate and produce a baby.  Get around obstacles and dangers, meet friends who can carry you some of the way.  See how big you can make their family.
  50% of in app purchases go to the Philippine Tarsier Foundation Inc.
About them from Wikipedia:
  "A sanctuary near the town of Corella, on the Philippine island of Bohol, is having some success restoring tarsier populations. The Philippines Tarsier Foundation (PTFI) has developed a large, semi-wild enclosure known as the Tarsier Research and Development Center ... where visitors can observe tarsiers in the wild ... The conservation status of all tarsiers is vulnerable to extinction. Tarsiers are a conservation dependent species meaning that they need to have more and improved management of protected habitats or they will definitely become extinct in the future."
  In the Game the Tarsier uses its environment to navigate a way to find its mate.  Jumping, swinging and bouncing.
  In reality the Tarsier is a great jumper, able to leap three to five meters despite being so tiny.  Here are some Tarsier facts (some not so cute! but that's nature's way) from the experts at the Philippine Tarsier Foundation:
1.) The female Tarsier can have 1 baby a year.
2.) In the natural habitat, tarsiers can live up to 20 years.
3.) Tarsiers are predators, a rare primate that eats only live prey.
4.) One eye ball is bigger than its brain.
5.) Tarsier can turn their heads 180 degrees on each side for a total of 360 degrees.
6.) Tarsier are very territorial. Especially the male, they occupy 1 hectare per tarsier.
7.) Tarsiers has a pregnancy period of 6 moths long.
8.) Tarsiers take care of their baby up to 6 months and after that, the juvenile will separate from the mother and hunt on its own.
9.) Tarsiers hunt at night and rest in the morning, just like most predators.
10.) Tarsiers ears move (bend and flex) to the direction of sound.
11.) Tarsier can jump 3 to 5 meters.
12.) Male Tarsiers fight for territory until death, just like lions.
13.) Tarsiers practice infanticide. The male tarsiers kills a tarsier baby that is not his.
14.) Tarsiers thrive on thick secondary forest.
  You may like this game if you are into the environment and conservation.  We worked with the Philippine Tarsier Foundation Inc. to make this and are donating half the proceeds of in app purchases to them (when you buy the later levels).  Of course there are many free levels for you to play at the start too!  We trust this conservation charity because they have a good local standing and are supported by government and JICA (Japan) who would take care to check that funds are spent wisely.  Their eight hectares of land is well known to be ideal Tarsier habitat and hosts an few hundred of the tiny animals.
  If you are on holiday in the South East Asia you can see the Tarsier in person.  However make sure you visit a sanctuary that cares for them well.  That is, not in a cage or a petting zoo.  The sad result of Tarsiers being held by humans is that they often die due of stress.  In an ethically run sanctuary you will be able to view them in their natural habitat, fairly close as long as you don't use flash on your camera and keep quiet.  Remember these are nocturnal animals, so when we visit them in daytime we should take care not to wake them up.
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