Tap and Destroy
Published 3 years ago
Available on
iOS; Android
Tap and Destroy is a fast paced space action packed tapping game that will test your endurance, accuracy and reactions. Try to out-last your friends and family and other players across the world as you compete for that No.1 spot on the leaderboards.
In Tap and Destroy you will clash with enemy space ships one by one trying to reach the Mothership! Each enemy ship that you destroy will earn you points and increase your score, get a higher score to climb up our leaderboards. Once the Mothership has been destroyed difficulty increased and you're moved on to the next wave!
Collect random bonus items whilst you clash with enemy ships to make temporary changes to your space ship, such as speed, health, larger rockets and freezing the enemy space ships!
Think you can handle the pressure of this fast paced classic arcade style game?
While playing Tap and Destroy you can collect ship parts and components to spend in the shop, allowing you to unlock different space ships with their own perks and advantages.
We look forward to seeing who's No.1 in our Tap and Destroy leaderboards.
Good luck!
Merchant Games
Game Languages
English, British
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android