Tales of Eightrivers
Published 4 years ago
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Android; Linux; Mac; Unity Web Player; WebGL; Windows

“Tales of Eightrivers” (ToER) is online real-time strategy game with continuous development. Being made from Unity, built with WebPlayer and published on Facebook, ToER already brings large amount of features. Thanks to Unity, game can give more realistic graphics directly from web browser. Facebook brings opportunity to share game with friends, to save score, which player never lose and only increase by playing from session to session. In-game scoreboard show players progress relative to his friends. Continuous AI development makes battles more natural with thousands of units on the scene. Economy, diplomacy and town development brings even more playability.
The game starts in medieval ages. Player build his base, collecting resources, challenging with other nations and gaining well balanced scores from many activities. Story of the lands of Eightrivers is in a deep mystery, but nations starting their wanderings around the lands, building their towns and digging gold. Life in these lands is eventually becoming more challenging, breaking into battles. Why all this is happening and where it will lead is one of the deepest mysteries…
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Android; Linux; Mac; Unity Web Player; WebGL; Windows
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