Super Footbrawl
Published 4 years ago
Mac; Windows

Its funny how you can get inspired by one little sentence. In my case it has been the words “Fifa is boring! Why can’t I beat up people?”. That's what some friends of mine said when we discussed what kind of Games we would like to Play. 
I was born in 1988 and my First Gaming Console was a NES with Nintendo Worldcup in it. Looking back at it now i feel like this Game had a much bigger Impact to me than i thought. Even 27 years later me and two friends were talking about something that we called “Drunken Soccer” or “Ragdoll Soccer”. The Idea has been around for several years now and since nobody else managed to make a game like that, we decided to do this on our own.
I hope we can release something solid until summer but we expect to ship an excellent game, we can’t let the time dictate that. I don’t want Footbrawl to be just another Physics beat em up. I want to create a Game that has an Impact to another Generation of Gamedevs just as Nintendo Worldcup had on me and i think we are on a good way.
If you want to keep up with the Games Progress, visit the Footbrawl Website, my Dev Blog and/or Follow me on Twitter!
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Mac; Windows