Super Barrel Fighter !
Published 4 years ago
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iOS; Android

Rick lost his parents on the great barrel flud of 1989, for years he blamed all barrels but where unnable to fight back. He soon realized that the only way he could defeat them was becoming one of them, thats when great master Barrelli found him and become his mentor.
Now his time to prove himself has come, hes been training for years preparing for the Turbo Barrel Tournament, and event held each millenium. The time has come, he'll set foot on the tournament proving he has what it takes to make them bite the dust!
RickOff's Promise !
The day his parents died he spoke these words
"I promised mom and dad I would become the worlds greatest musician, but I cannot do so until I get my revenge, father...mother...I SHALL BECOME THE BARRELS BANE THEN I'LL BE THE WORLDS GREATEST MUSICIAN EVER!"
Become the barrel's bane!
Enter the lowest lows of the barrel obliterating scene in this game
of challenge and reflex, in which you have to use all your senses and develop
a sixth one: "The barrel sense".
Barrel Fighter's has an arcade, oldschool feeling to it. You have to destroy the falling barrels in both directions left and right before they hit the floor. You also have to be careful of the exploding barrels too! Timing and rythm is all! Easy to play and hard to master, fight your way throught the barrel breaking scene unlocking a growing cast of different fighters along the way.
Fun and easy to play
Addictive gameplay
Many cool characters!
Beat old record and make the best score you can!
In this game, you have to destroy the falling barrels in both directions left and right before they hit the floor, using the touchscreen and good timing
Ennui Studio
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iOS; Android