Street Racing
Published 3 years ago
In development
iOS; Android

Hi! We are young indie developers from Russia (We are 17 and we started learning Unity3d when we were 14). We want to tell you about our new(second) mobile game. The game is called Street Racing. The name makes it clear what it's about. One of the main gameplay features of our game is the ability to include a trampoline in front of your car and pop the oncoming cars and police cars. This is for fun!
We also added flights from the autotrucks!
For fans of the cars we have added a POV!
Street race without police chases - not a game!
The game will be 20 cars! A large part is ready. We are currently working on new maps, vehicles, game balance and optimization. We have achieved 40 FPS on a Samsung Galaxy S4 and 60+ FPS on Samsung Galaxy S7.
We would like to get feedback from the Unity community! What are you think about our new game?
We want to release my game in the next month. Street Racing will be available on Google Play and App Store.
Waiting for your comments!
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iOS; Android