Stone Shire
Published 4 years ago
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Wii U

Stone Shire is an adventure block game made exclusively for Nintendo Wii U™, the first of its kind for the platform. Similar to the popular block game Minecraft, you can mine blocks using tools and and use them to either craft new blocks or to build an elaborate structure. The world is always randomly generated whenever you start a new game, so you will always have a fresh experience with each playthrough. There is no goal in Stone Shire. You choose your own goals and build your own world, exploring around as you see fit.
Using the Wii U™ GamePad, you can manage your inventory and craft items with one touch, making swapping around items and equipping easy and intuitive. By placing items into one of the two equip hotbars, you can switch between items quickly in either your left or right hand using the L or R Buttons respectively.
Explore different map types, each offering different worlds and block types for you to harvest. If you enjoy lush green trees and expansive grass, the grasslands are just the place for you. Or maybe you enjoy a snowy climate. Then the tundra will be the right map for you, dressed in pine trees and snow. If you do not mind a little heat, you can instead take a walk through a desert populated by sand and cacti. As stated, you make your own adventures.
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