Published 2 years ago
1.0 K
iOS; Android
The most beautiful line drawing puzzle game yet to be seen!

'Stellar Fox' is a 2D sandbox, hand drawn line puzzle game with enhanced physics that creates a casual but unique and creative gameplay experience that anybody can enjoy.
Beyond the clouds there was family of Stellar Foxes in the Fox Constellation. One day, a strong current came and swept the baby stellar fox away. The baby stellar fox fell to the earth along with other stars. When the frightened baby stellar fox was depraved with sadness a strong light from the mother stellar fox shined upon it. The baby stellar fox started to move toward the light and started its journey back to its mother.
Help the baby Stellar Fox get back to its mother by guiding the baby Stellar Fox using various objects and lines.
- 100+ unique levels
- 6 different inks to draw paths with unique properties
- Use clones to help the baby stellar fox reach multiple objectives
- Constant introductions of new objects will constantly test your problem solving abilities
- Share your own unique solution with friends via Everyplay
- Create your very own unique levels using the built-in map editor and share with players around the globe!
Glenn Bae
Game Languages
English; Korean
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android