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Windows; Mac
Fight your way through the stars, trading, become the best space pilot of the universe.
START SHIFT is a space combat/exploration simulation, although not just that.
Thou shalt be called to cope with space piracy, mercenaries and a looming threat for the whole known universe. Explore the universe, trade, build your reputation, fight amongst the stars and save your race from extinction!
Star Shift will have also FPS/third person-style sessions. Explore the stations' indoors and abandoned ships, find out about the mysteries along your path and collect useful items. Follow the story or head off to space and earn some credit to buy new ships and upgrades.
Star Shift is a an infinitely large universe, filled with unexplored areas, mysteries, opportunities and military actions.
The universe is vast. Very vast. There is risk of getting lost and no longer finding your way home. But it 'something that must be reckoned.
Areas never explored by living being exploration, search for vessels lost in space, battles amongst space fighters. Bounty hunter, space porter, smuggler of weapons and drugs, space pirate or federation's pilot. The choice is yours.
The universe of Star Shift allows you to make different choices that will allow you to have the tasks that best suit your reputation. But if you will follow the game's story, you will need to take legal actions and grow a good reputation.The missions you'll get will depend on how the rest of the universe looks at you.
STAR SHIFT is now on Kickstarter!
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Game Languages
English; Italian
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac